Welcome to the Tatvamasi Store! We are Shagun and Shubhangini, imagine two sisters, giggling over cups of chai, their hearts brimming with a love for all things beautiful - art, culture, the very essence of craftsmanship! This little store, Tatvamasi, is our dream come true.

Putting it all into words feels impossible, truly. How can mere sentences capture the magic we hold in our hands - these exquisite handicrafts, each whispering stories of our land? We stumbled upon these treasures, and honestly, we were left breathless. The intricate details, the generations-old techniques, the sheer beauty of it all - it felt like a secret we just had to share with the world.

The name "Tatvamasi" holds profound significance for us. It encapsulates a philosophy that resonates deeply with our journey. It signifies "the essence is you" - a reminder that when you embrace your passions and follow your heart, you manifest the truest version of yourself. This philosophy reflects our belief that you should do what you love, and that principle guides every step we take.

Every piece you find here is a labour of love, a blend of age-old techniques and modern sensibilities. When you bring a Tatvamasi creation into your life, you not only own a unique masterpiece but also become a part of our journey, supporting artisans and celebrating the profound beauty of craftsmanship. Thank you for being a part of our story!

With gratitude and artistic fervour,

Shagun & Shubhangini
Co-founders, Tatvamasi Store